We are a Chilean company made up of a multidisciplinary team with a common goal: to support consumers adopting healthy lifestyles with a special focus on cardiometabolic care. With over 15 years of applied R&D, we are the foremost experts in phytosterol physical-chemistry and medicinal applications beyond cholesterol lowering.

We like to overcome bold challenges and generate unique contributions and our efforts are focused on introducing premium, scientifically-based, consumer-friendly product in the global market. Transparency and integrity are the key features in every step of the process.

Our flagship product is called Cardiosmile, a nutraceutical application proven to effectively manage dyslipidemia. Novel in-development applications include liver fat reduction for NAFLD/NASH patients and symptoms reduction for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Cardiosmile is comprised of 2.000 mg of free phytosterol sub-micron particles dispersed in water.

It has been shown to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and waist perimeter and has been proven to be safe after more than 300.000 units have been delivered around the world without secondary effects. (learn more here)

It is easy to use and can be consumed along your favorite foods and drinks and is free from calories, fat, sugars, lactose, gluten, and GMOs.

Most importantly, Cardiosmile is a UNIQUE product: it offers benefits beyond cholesterol reduction, is backed up by clinical data and its process is patented.


Our manufacturing process is based on 10+ years of research enhancing phytosterol crystals’ biological activity without incurring in chemical modifications. Our plant was designed and built in-house, working with industry partners to meet the most stringent GMP guidelines. Our experts jointly accumulate several decades of experience.

To certify the quality of CARDIOSMILE and compliance with global regulations, it is certified as:

Our operations follow the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices according to the NSF of the United States (US 21 CFR 110).


With more than 10 years of research, we are specialists in optimizing the benefits of plant sterols. Our efforts are focused on introducing a premium, science-based, consumer-friendly product. Transparency and integrity are key features at every step of the process.

They are natural substances present in foods such as legumes, fruits, and vegetables having a molecular structure very similar to cholesterol.
What makes plant sterols so beneficial is that their components block the absorption of both endogenous cholesterol (produced by your liver) and exogenous cholesterol (coming from animal source foods) in your intestine. That is one of the mechanisms that support cholesterol management in your body and contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and other conditions caused by metabolic deviations.
Consumption of plant sterols (2.000 mg) on a daily basis is recommended to manage cholesterol levels by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS), among others.

Our products has the potential and proven qualities to stand out due to its benefits, and it meets the initial objective of protecting cardiovascular health. Why should we prefer NUTRARTIS over other alternatives present on the market?

Because its competitive advantages are verifiable:

• Nutrartis sterols are dispersible and can be mixed into any food preparation, preferably into liquids. It is odorless and tasteless, which contributes to a more pleasant experience for consumers, who can easily incorporate it to their daily habits. Nutrartis format is also versatile and it can be carried anywhere. It has an imperceptible taste, unlike tablets and other current formats. People can choose whether to take 4 to 8 tablets or pills of other plan sterols a day or only one Nutrartis sachet.
• has no proven side effects, which makes it the preferred option for a growing number of consumers and the medical community.
• is sugar, fat, sodium, calorie, gluten, and lactose-free. It is safe for people with food allergies and it can be consumed by children from the age of 6.

Due to the chemical structure and the low solubility of plant sterols, they must be formulated correctly to obtain optimum health benefits. Traditionally, this has been done by esterification with fatty acids of vegetable origin which allow higher solubility in fats, and they are later incorporated into margarine, milk, or yogurt.

After several years of research, NUTRARTIS developed a process to create sub-micron dispersions, reducing phytosterol particles to a submicron size (500 nm average), which enable particles to remain dispersed in water in a stable manner with minimum use of surfactants. This novel format allows phytosterols to be added into water-based food matrices as well as to optimize phytosterols’ clinical benefits.


Nutrartis is currently expanding its strategic partners to deliver the best phytosterol-based products worldwide. If you would like to learn more about the opportunity to bring Cardiosmile into your markets, or explore in-development applications, we will be happy to collaborate with you.
You may also write directly to info@nutrartis.com.