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A new concept in Plant Sterols: ready-to- use plant sterol liquid sachets that can be mixed directly into any food or drink, a flexible alternative to conventional plant sterol-enriched foods. Each Cardiosmile sachet provides an optimum 2 gram daily dose of plant sterol to effectively lower cholesterol levels.
Cardiosmile does not require refrigeration, and it`s a gluten, lactose, sugar, fat, sodium, calorie and GMO-free product.

Nutrartis Dispersible Sterols are clinically proven to lower cholesterol

Sterols are the most efficient and natural way to lower cholesterol. Our free dispersible sterols, when compared to sterol esters in a head-to-head clinical trial, showed not only a reduction in LDL cholesterol, but also a strong reduction in plasma triglycerides. Our sterols are free of: cholesterol, calories,  saturated and trans fats.